surat pemberitahuan atas penerimaan

12 Apr

Contoh Surat Pemberitahuan atas penerimaan sesuatu
(Acknowledgement Letter)

* Stardust Photo Studio
Rm 9B No. 3 Building
1234 Yu Yao Road
Shanghai 200040

Telp. +86 21878787 Fax: +86 21878787


25 May 2004

Mr Chia Lye Ann
3001 Caobao Road
Xuhui District
Shanghai 234399

Dear Mr. Chia

Thank you for your letter of 22 May addressed to our General Manager, Mrs Ho Mei Ying.

Mrs Ho is overaseas on business and will not be in the office again until 4 June. I shall be in contact with Mrs Ho and shall inform her about your letter, which I am sure will receive her prompt attention.

Please let me know if I can be of any help.

Yours sincerely

Lakhvender Kaur (Miss)
PA to Ho Mei Ying
General Manager

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